Natural Alternatives To Caffeine And Energy Drinks

If you have ever found yourself feeling unusually tired, you understand what a hassle it can be. After all, we need to be awake in order to function. If we are feeling more tired, our thinking can be impaired, and life can be a lot less enjoyable. Some people turn to energy drinks or to caffeine in order to solve the problem of always feeling tired, but others cannot go with these options, as caffeine and energy drinks tend to keep some people awake at night, while for others these options do not seem to work at all. But there are healthy, natural ways to stay awake as well – beyond having to take caffeine and energy drinks; here are a few of those ways.

Getting more sleep is the easiest and most important way you can make sure that you are not always feeling tired. This might seem like an elementary solution, but too many people get less sleep than they should, and they feel constantly tired as a result. Eight hours of uninterrupted sleep is what your body should get each and every night. If you are consistently giving your body less than this, this could be one reason why you are so tired.

An excellent way to stay awake is to take a short nap in the middle of the day. While your place of employment may not allow naps, you might consider taking a nap during your lunch break. Anytime you take a nap during the day, it should never last longer than thirty minutes, lest is makes you feel even more tired. And for most of us, we can definitely squeeze in a 15-30 minute nap during our lunch break.

Finally, pay close attention to the foods you are putting into your body. If the foods you are eating are always packed with sugar and preservatives, your body will be much more likely to feel tired. Furthermore, if you are only eating two or three big meals per day, your body will feel tired. Eat healthy, and eat small meals throughout the day. This will keep you from being tired, and it will even keep you much thinner than if you eat only three meals.

It is very easy to take steps that will ensure that you are not feeling tired. Your body can feel a whole lot better, and all you have to do is make a few small adjustments!


Ways to Help Kids Deal With Stress


If your child seems stressed out a lot, you’ll want to read up on stress relief for kids. Try the activities described here to help your child cope with high stress situations.

Try dancing. If your kid seems uptight, try loosening him up with physical activity. Try putting on dance music and getting the family dancing. The more physical you can get him to be, the more likely he’ll release his stress.

Give your child something to squeeze. Stress balls aren’t just for busy executives. Your child can learn to take out frustrations on the ball instead of on others.

Try a gentle backrub. Just like adults benefit from massages, kids relax when touched affectionately as well. Give lots of hugs as well. You can turn bedtime into snuggle time.

Talk with the lights out. When stress is intense, your child may not be able to tell you how she feels while looking at you, but she may be able to talk once the lights are out and you’re sitting at the foot of her bed. Learn how to ask questions that open your child’s heart. If you become your child’s safe place, your child will be able to handle a lot more.

Play a tune. Try putting on a serene music track as the soundtrack of your household. Music can slow your heart rate and lower your blood pressure, if the beat is right and the music is soothing.

Give a good belly laugh. Laughter is an excellent stress-buster. Find ways to laugh at the lighter things in life. Make note of funny things that happen and look for chances to laugh together.

When times get tough, remember this: you are teaching your children essential life skills what will help them cope with stress forever.


A Brand New Handheld Video Game System

There hasn’t been much movement lately in the hand held video game market. One of the reasons for this results from the fact that most cell phones can duplicate their abilities. The past few years the market of hand held video games has seen steadily declining sales across the board. However Nintendo, the long time leader in video games, has come out with a handheld video game system that breathed life into the niche. The Nintendo 3DS has been released in Japan and will soon be released in the US.

Hand held video games have never before included many of the features that the Nintendo 3DS has introduced. These features are headlined by the 3D ability, which is its most revolutionary feature. Nintendo has created the 3DS to allow it to project games in 3D. This is done without the use of 3D glasses which means that the player can use it anywhere and anytime. This is never before seen technology since in the past 3D glasses have always been needed in order to see in 3D.

In order to push this 3D technology even further Nintendo has included gyro sensors on the 3DS. This means that when the user actually tilts or moves the hand held those movements are then reflected in the game. Many may recognize this type of technology from the Apple iPhone and iPod touch. Never before has this level of gaming been reached, which speaks to the awesomeness of this device. No longer will gamers be stuck playing in a flat world.

In order to offer some type of control over the 3D technology, Nintendo has included a 3D slider control. If you want to adjust how strong the 3D feature is displayed you can do so with this control. A flatter environment can be achieved by sliding the control and reducing the intensity of the 3D display. If you want to make sure that you can experience these features very soon you will need to pre order the Nintendo 3DS today. The features it has introduced are simply incredible!

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Crafting Effective Sales Pitches

You’ve decided to take on an email or cold calling marketing campaign, but you’re not sure how to pitch your products and services. If you don’t want to spend money on a marketing firm, you can write your own sales pitches using the following trusted tips: Make sure you put your best foot forward, every time, from the very first second on. If you’re making sales calls, be sure to have a script in from of you and be ready to speak immediately. Run written sales pitches by an editor or have them checked for proper spelling, punctuation, grammar and style.

Personalize. You need to tune into your potential customer’s needs right away. Don’t use automated phone sales services; the pause gives the customer the feeling that he or she is just one more sales call, which makes most people hang up before you even get to speak. Address the person with genuine concern and ask questions that quickly pinpoint what needs you can meet. Offer solutions that will truly benefit that specific customer.

Never waste a second. Respect the value of your customer’s time. You need to show your value immediately, so you’ll want to cut your sales script down to bare bones so you deliver pure value, right away. Make every syllable count. Refuse the temptation to discuss details until you are sure the customer is hooked.

Preserve your customer’s dignity by softening the pitch. If you keep the tone sincere and the focus on what will benefit the customer, you’ll leave the call with a better long term relationship, which increases the chances for more sales in the future. Do anything you can to avoid sounding like a schmaltzy used car salesman.

Make sure order and contact information is clear. Make it as easy as possible for the potential client to make a sale. When making cold calls, ask for essential contact information upfront and offer to send information via multiple mediums so they have an electronic copy (email) if they lose a printed (and mailed) piece, and vice versa, just in case they are old school and aren’t so technically savvy.

These simple tips will help you craft sales pitches that work.


Knowing Where To Advertise On The Radio

If you want to turn your small business into a thriving, money-making machine, one of the most important things you can do is advertise. And even though one of the best ways to advertise is to use the radio, radio advertising can also be one of the most pointless ways to advertise for those who do not know what they are doing. One of the most important things – when it comes to “knowing what you are doing” – is to know what your target market is if you want to advertise successfully.

There are plenty of resources for finding out which demographics listen to which stations, but this will not help you unless you first know who you should go after. For instance, you might think that advertising on a sports radio program is a good idea if you are a dentist who is wanting to advertise on the radio. After all, men are always listening to sports radio, and you have just as many male patients as you have female patients. But once you start to pay closer attention, you will probably come to realize that it is often the women who call to make the appointments for the men, which means that you should actually be advertising on the stations the women listen to.

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You will also want to make sure you know how to appeal to the demographic you are targeting, even after you have narrowed it down. Many people try to create their own radio ads, and then they wonder why the ads end up being completely ineffective. But just as you are an expert at what you do, there are people who are experts at crafting radio ads that are both catchy and effective. Rather than trying to take the radio advertising into your own hands, you will be much better off hiring such people and ensuring results.

Finally, make sure the advertisements themselves are distributed by an actual ad agency, and not by someone in the back room at your place of business! You will be able to know the number of times your ad was played, the times of day your ad was played, and the response to the ad if you use one of these agencies; with all of this, radio advertising becomes a truly effective tool.